True case -one American men says that he got ripped off by his Beautiful Filipina girlfriend.

I wrote a blog about dating Beautiful Filipina Women and now Im talking about filipina Scammers.

There are some risk associated with meeting Filipina  Girlfriend online, not only filipina’s but women around the world that you haven’t met in person .

Some people will probably e-mail me and will accuse me of being not fair about Filipinas, first of all I’m one.

My intention in writing this blog is to warn American men here in the U.S. to be careful that you don’t fall for the same trap and don’t forget that any part of the world, there is bad people and good people, Beautiful Filipina Women is not an exception.

This American guy I’m talking about  met his  Filipina girlfriend  face to face he went to the Philippines and visited her and he said he never met her family which is odd to me, anyway he send her money that she needed to process her paperwork to come to the U.S. , he is even supporting her family. they are texting each other back and forth , he send her money for the ticket, passport and everything.

When she finally received her visa ,she gave  him lots of excuses why she cannot come.

The American Men got suspicious and hire the private investigator in the Philippines and he found out that, he is not the only boyfriends that she has in the U.S. she got lots of American men sending her money and supporting her and teaching other Filipina girls to do the same.

Sadly he believed everything she said and now he is out of thousands of dollars after 2+ yrs of supporting her and her family…what went wrong?…who knows……anyone who can give some good info would be cool….

Those who are with a Filipina girlfriend right now and working to bring her….watch your back but don’t go with the belief that ALL Filipinas are bad….. I can say this that majority of American men  that I know that is married to a Filipina tells me that they are happily married.      asked my husband he is married to one.

So, once again, and I cannot stress this enough, please take your time when meeting someone online anywhere, not only those in the Philippines.

There are scammers all over the world. The Philippines just happens to be the territory I cover.

The following are the tips to keep in mind when having a long distant Filipina girlfriend.

1. Guard your wallet- do not send money , small gifts okay

2. If you can afford a Private Investigator in the Philippines hire one

3. Meet her face to face in her home with her family present

4. Start mingling with Filipinos, they will give you good insights on how you should approach things.

5. When she tell you that she receive her visa to come to the U.S.  tell her that  you are coming over to pick her up.

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