Bataan and Corregidor Celebration 2014

Although I heard lots of controversy about the Bataan and Corregidor organization, the prevailing group manage to get their act together and Bataan and Corregidor Celebration 2014 celebrated the Bataan and Corregidor Celebration 2014. They called the event Friendship Day- Dedicated to the Filipino Americans who served in the defense of democracy during the World War 11 on the Bataan Corregidor.

Filipino Floridians Need to Unite

Filipino Floridians Need to Unite

Typhoon Philippines 2013

Typhoon Philippines 2013

Typhoon pictureFilipino Asian Community will be collaborating to all Filipino organization in Florida to have a one big event. I’m  in the process of looking for a venue so I can invite everybody to come, regardless of what organization you are associated with.     We are reaching out to various group, Profit, Non Profit, Churches, Schools,  and the Media, that would like to join and help us in this collaborative effort- to raise funds for our relief projects for the Typhoon Philippines 2013.

PNACF General Assembly 2013

IMG_2146PNACF General Assembly 2013

Congratulations to the new member of PNACF my sister in law Lorena Jorda and her good friend Lorelie .   On behalf of Filipino Asian Community and the PNACF Officers  thank you for your $50.00 membership  contribution.

Filipino Restaurant Cocoa Beach

Ice Cream JunctionFilipino Restaurant Cocoa Beach

My family and I went to Cocoa Beach last weekend.  I was invited to come and visit the Ice Cream Junction.  A lot of you who watch TFC probably heard about them from Chef Ron of Adobo Nation.

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