Nutritious Botanicals

ThesNutritious Botanicalse days it seems like everyone is looking for supplements or nutritious botanicals to take to make their life better. In some areas of the world these plants grow naturally and you can just get them from your back yard.

If you live in the Philippines you are probably familiar with many of these supplements like Moringa, Bitter Melon, and Graviola, but you may not know what they can do for you as far as your health. In the U.S. hardly anyone knows about these plants as we dont grow them and never learned what they can do for us.

Organic Nutritional Supplements

These days it seems like everyone is looking for better food or more organic nutritional supplements to take. Most of the food we eat is either processed or has sugar or salt added to it to preserve it or make it taste better. Recently I went to the store to find a fruit juice with no sugar added. I went from one to another to another and everyone had sugars added. Its hard to find something more natural unless you go to a specialty store and pay more for the food.

What can you do to live longer? The answer is simple, don’t smoke, drink water, and watch what you eat. You can also take organic nutritional supplements. One of the best that I have found is from VG Wellness. The ingredients come from the Philippines and the product is made here in the USA.

Beer Below Zero

Beer Below Zero is celebrating their 7th year of business and they are doing well. What is Beer Below Zero? This is the product that should be the national pride of the Filipinos here in Florida. Designed and branded by our people in the  Philippines.  They are not promoting the Beers-  The product is a Cooler or you might say Freezer. When you put your beer bottles in it after a short time you will see frost on the bottles.

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