Easter Events For 2015

Here is a couple of local Easter events that you might want to see in Florida.

easter picnic

spring pinic

Miss Mrs PhilFest 2015

The candidates for Miss/Mrs. PhilFest 2015 have been selected and you can see them at the PhilFest 2015 in Tampa Florida.

Ms Mrs Philfest 2015

Miss/Mrs. PhilFest 2015 will be representing their respective organizations in a fundraising drive for the Philippine Cultural Foundation, Inc.’s cultural programs. Donations are gratefully appreciated – your donations (which are tax-deductible) can be credited to the Miss/Mrs. PhilFest candidate of your choice.


Here is an event coming up on March 7th in Pensacola Florida.

fiesta filipino

PhilFest 2015

The PhilFest 2015 will be here soon in April. This is a big event here in Florida and if you haven’t gone before you should go to this one. Its a three day event with lots of food and performances.

The Amazing Praybet Benjamin

“The Amazing Praybet Benjamin”
Jan 30 – Feb 5, 2015
Cinemark – 5150 International Dr.
Orlando, Fl. 32819


Famous Filipinos in America Quiz

Famous Filipinos in America

What do you know about and who do you know that are famous Filipinos in America?

Take this 7 question quiz to see what you about famous Filipinos in America. All of these well known Filipinos are either locally born,  born abroad and based in the Philippines, and/or notable people of Filipino descent.



Khieyan Isaac 1st Birthday Party

A lucky 1 year old  Filipino child  had his first birthday party and it was a big one.  ‘The Party was elaborate, lots of balloons and colorful banners. The proud Parents Mr. and Mrs. Quiambao spent a year taking care of a new baby Khieyan and they  celebrated the occasion with their family and friends.  The family rented out the civic center and lots of people came to the party. We met a lot of good people when I was there and we had a good time.  Thanks Caroll for inviting us and thanks for the Filipinos in Connecticut for your hospitality. I’m looking forward in coming back to build my VG Wellness business in Conneticut.   See you all soon! Salute.

The Grace International Fellowship Day 2014

Last weekend there was a Filipino Day at the Azalea Park Methodist church. This was The Grace International Fellowship day. There was lots of food and lots of entertainment. They have this once a year and the weather was very good also. It started with a service in the church(great sermon by the way) and then they served Filipino  Food and  the entertainment event in one of the other buildings. You can see by the pictures and video below that everyone had a very good time. Thank you Pastor Bailon for inviting us.  Mabuhay to you and your talented family.

Kamayan Filipino Feast 2014

Kamayan Filipino Feast 2014

I received an invitation to go to this Kamayan Feast in Orlando. I Don’t know what to expect.  My husband and I went for curiosity and experience.  They rented this facility that can sit about 60-70 people.  As you walk in you were greeted by friendly host and hostess of the event.

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